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Paediatric Ophthalmology

Children eyes are special including there diseases and management. So a specialized approach is required for dealing with these diseases. Our unit is dedicated to dealing with the eyes of children of 15 yrs and below. Adults with squint and abnormal movements of eyes are also dealt with. As the paediatric eye diseases varies with all diversity and inter disciplinary approach is taken to have an integrated management of childhood ocular disorders.


The common ocular disorders are :

Refractive ErrorA defective vision which can be corrected by glasses.This is the commonest one. Amblyopia or Lazy eyePoor vision in one eye or both eyes.Requires glasses along with other modalities like - occlusion.
Ocular allergy-One of the commonest complaints of itching and red eyes. Congenital dacryocystitisConstant watering in eyes from birth. Sometimes requires probing under General anesthesia.
Squint-This is characterized as the mal - alignment of eyes. Treatment to this is either glasses, exercises or if required surgery. Cataract-It requires surgical correction as well as visual rehabilitation after surgery.
Drooping of eyelids/ ocular malformation It requires surgical treatment.Picture-ptosis(pre-op) Picture-ptosis(post-op)
Tumors of eye-It requires early intervention otherwise it can be fatal.
Hereditary eye diseases-
Retinopathy of prematurity -The advent of new modalities and increase in no. of NICUs in Kolkata the no. of viable preterm babies are increasing.Screening and laser therapy is done in our institute as well as in other hospitals by a mobile unit when referred by. Surgery is done here.

Facilities available: -

Through diagnostic procedures like

  • Examination under anaesthesia.
  • Orthoptics.
  • Squint evaluation.
  • DFA, ERG, VEP, EDG, for diagnostic procedures.
  • Low vision AID.