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Community Ophthalmology

Blindness has become a major public health problem worldwide especially in developing countries like India. Recent statistics showed existence of at least 60 million blind people in the world and 12 million blindness in India alone. These numbers will be doubled if not more by 2020 if urgent intervention is not taken apart from normal hospital schedule. Surprisingly, 80% of total blindness is preventable or treatable. 90% of them reside in rural areas where health care facilities are extremely inadequate. From Susrut we try to serve our ophthalmic services to these needy areas. 

Cataract Screening & Surgery for needy elder

This is the largest cause of blindness in India and accounts for approx 62.2% of total blindness. 3.8 million New cataract cases every year add up with this number. 90% cataract cases reside at rural areas from where people cannot reach for hospital services. From our hospital we try to reach these populations with our special team and deliver our services.

School Eye Health

Blindness in pediatric age group is a burden to the families and society as it greatly reduces the productivity and financial growth of community. As we all know, if vision is not corrected by the age of 8 years, it causes permanent visual loss of the child called amblyopia (lazy eyes). Our aim is to identify school children with poor vision and to treat them accordingly in out tertiary level hospital. Our hospital is well equipped with pediatric ophthalmologist, orthoptic instruments, squint clinic and low vision aid services. We regularly visit primary schools with our trained personnel. Underserved areas are our target where malnutrition is a major issue, but we have also extended our services to urban areas.

Mobile Eye Clinic

With the help of Sightsavers International a vehicle with modern diagnostic equipments and trained Ophthalmologists & Optometrist operated by Susrut Eye Foundation to reach places where inadequate eye care facility is available.
Mobile eye care unit is also utilised in refractive camps, awareness ,workshops and school health.

Training Programmes

Apart from serving needy population, we have several training protocols to develop man power. Important among them are

  • Training of surgeons,refractionists and OT staffs.
  • Training of all personnel involved in cataract screening, evaluation and related matter.
  • Training of school teachers for primary vision testing, basic eye care of children and prompt referral to hospital when required.

Vision Centres

Sometimes we cannot reach remote place with our full team. So we have set up vision centres there. Its function is to deliver primary eye care like refraction, dispensing glasses, screening cataract patients and referring patients to hospital. These are run by experienced refrationists and para-medical staffs. At present we have 20 vision centers all over West Bengal.

Other services

To tackle the demand of present situations we are trying to extend our services to various other fields in community basis like


  • Primary Screening of diabetic retinopathy.
  • Primary screening of glaucoma.
  • Conducting various seminars and workshops to increase consciousness among people.


Our aim is to deliver high volume community ophthalmic services without compromising quality.